Mastering Your Fate Is Not Just a Book,

It's Mindset Transformation So That

You Can Achieve Optimal Results in Life.

Are you a part of the Mastering Your Fate family?

Get Mastering Your Fate

And Tap Its Advantages

Before Anyone Else

  • Improve your focus (with less distraction)
  • Boost your Self-Esteem & Self-worth
  • Learn the Daily Habits of Millionaires & Top Performers
  • Get 3-5X more done in half the time (with less effort)
  • Overcome your fears, stories, and excuses
  • Develop the Mindset of a Millionaire
  • Control your future and "Master Your Fate" with clarity, purpose and passion

But Hey, Don't Take My Word for It!

See what other professionals are saying about this book...

"John does a fantastic job of preparing your mindset. Mastering Your Fate walks you through the course of action you need to excel in life and business."

Dr. Gordon Chiu

Scientist, Inventor, Author, TEDx Speaker on Inventing Happiness

"Following years of hard-earned experience, John gives 'cheat codes' to compress time and maximize your effectiveness and results through proven practices of self-leadership. Save yourself years, and many headaches; don't miss the gems in this book!"

J. Mathias Bennett

Speaker and Author of Leading with Courageous Vulnerability

"I loved Mastering Your Fate. Drawing upon William Ernest Henley's famous poem 'Invictus,' John Webster explores all the avenues involved in forging a path to take back control of your life. From overcoming fear to making better financial decisions, and from improving your health to setting clear goals, everything you need is here to make you into the champion you always knew you were."

Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD

Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and When Teddy Came to Town

"This book is a game changer! John Webster really understands the Law of Attraction and how it works. As such, he has provided principles, tactics, strategies, and tools to overcome the challenges you are currently facing in your own life, whether mental, emotional, or physical."

Shane Krauser

Leadership Coach, Author, Internationally Renowned Speaker, and Retired Trial Attorney, Candidate for Gilbert AZ Mayor

"The ideas shared in this book are simple and easy to understand and when applied are extremely useful and effective in increasing your abundance and wealth."

Patrick Snow

Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

"Mastering Your Fate should be required reading for anyone in business. This book exposed me to ideas, systems, and best practices that I had never been taught anywhere else. This is a reference manual to living your best life."

Nathaniel M. Lambert, PhD

Author of Active Life Passive Income

John Webster, aka Publishing Doctor

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