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What Clients Have Said:

Transformative CCW Course for Home Defense

Just spent an hour of my time getting my concealed weapons permit application, fingerprinted and all that with John. Highly recommend. I invited some friends over, and there were 12 of us. We were all able to get our application done within, like I said, less than an hour. So highly Recommend John and his service, and he'll come to you. Thanks

Jeff Boone

Thorough Training on Prohibited Carry Locations

My name is Bri, and I have taken John's course for my concealed carry permit. I decided to take the class because I am a new gun owner, and I just wanted to make sure that I was as safe and as knowledgeable about my weapon as I possibly could be knowing the restrictions and how I should be utilizing my weapon and how I shouldn't. Class was super quick, easy, super informative, but easy to understand. Being a new gun owner, I was able to understand what was being told to me. And so I feel much more comfortable going in as a gun owner and carrying it and making sure that I'm safe with it.

Brianna Jarvis

Instructor Goes Above and Beyond for CCW Students

I just took John Webster's concealed carry weapons course. It was very informative. He is very helpful, very approachable. I had questions that he was able to answer and break down for me in a way that was understandable, and I would highly recommend it. He's very professional, on-time. I recommend the course. It fits well within the day, my day of being a mom and a business owner. It was good that he was able to come to the house and do that for me here. Thank you very much.

Rae Chicas

What Clients Have Said:

Highly Recommended CCW Course

Hey, my name's Crystal and I took John Webster's class. I wanted to get my CCW so I could learn more about the safeties of gun, where I can take it, where I can't take it. I learned a lot about the school zone, that was a big concern, I have Children. He also gave me some good information on gun safety for children, which I really appreciate, and where to carry when you are in public with restaurants, what's allowed and what's not allowed. That was very informative. I didn't know differences between some of the signs that the stores have, and I totally recommend that if anybody needs their CCW that they contact John.

Crystal Dohanyos

Convenient and Flexible Scheduling for CCW Training

So I took John Webster's course today here at the house with my wife and my son. And uh, to be honest, it was, it was great. The information was extremely informative, very down to earth, pretty funny. And just kind of laid out in a way that you really can just take it with you and understand what your rights are, what to look out for. John was great, helped us fill out all of the paperwork, get everything ready for us. We know exactly what we need to do. I would highly recommend it to anybody. So if you're thinking about it, definitely seriously consider taking the course.

Jeff Jones

Excellent Course on CCW Firearm Safety

My name's Mike Elia and I just finished a AZ CCW course with John Webster. It was fantastic. I wanna get my CCW to ensure that I get favorable treatment from the police should such a terrible event occur as I have to use my weapon and also to go past the background checks of purchasing a firearm. John was a wealth of information. Answered all my questions. I really love the personalized service. The process was super easy. And boy, he's really got all the answers. I highly recommend it.

Mike Elia

What Clients Have Said:

Expert CCW Training That Changed My Life

So my family and I just took John Webster's course for concealed and carry, and I want you to know that he does a great job. What we really liked about it was he was willing to answer our questions and let us know when is the right time and the wrong time for us to brandish our weapon and make sure that we're doing everything right to protect our family. Having that information ensures that not only are we responsible gun owners, but we make sure that we follow and abide by the laws and regulations of Arizona. We highly, highly recommend John.

Jared Paul

Safe and Confident After Completing CCW Training

I just took John Webster's course just because I wanted to be more informed about my rights within the state, just so I could be better able to protect myself. And it was great, very quick, informational, and I learned everything I need to know.

Kateri Cusumano

Expert Legal Guidance for CCW Permit Holders

I took John Webster's course. It was highly recommended from some firearm dealers that I have worked with. What I enjoyed most about it. He's super communicative, friendly, very thorough and knowledgeable, super convenient. Came to my house, and he knows his stuff, so I would recommend very much doing the same.

Jacob Trabucco

John Webster, aka Publishing Doctor

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